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With a client list spanning the most recognized names in the industry, Dr. Michael Dreikorn and his team at ASD Experts have earned a reputation for delivering Responsive, Credible, and Relevant expert support in the Aviation, Space, Defense (AS&D) and Maritime industries.  Each assignment receives the direct attention of Dr. Dreikorn, as he assembles the most capable team of AS&D experts to address the uniqueness of each engagement.

ASD Experts offers complete expert witness team support, forming the most comprehensive and capable expert teams for each unique client need. When it comes to the AS&D industry, ASD Experts are at the top of their field have have extensive experience with expert reports and providing courtroom testimony.  We also offer award winning world-class visuals (courtroom animation).

When you engage ASD Experts, you engage the best experts in the global Aviation, Space and Defense (AS&D) industry.

A sampling of our areas of expertise:

-  FAA/EASA/ICAO Regulatory Requirements

-  Government and Industry Standards (e.g., AS9100-series)

-  Product Design

-  Manufacturing

-  Procurement (Supplier Management)

-  Quality Assurance

-  Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) - Repair Stations (145)

-  Government and Commercial Contracts

-  Aircraft Operations (e.g., flight planning, piloting, etc.)

-  Crash Investigation

-  Aircraft Valuation and Logbook Evaluation

-  Airport Design and Operations

-  Management Responsibilities

-  Professional Responsibilities

-  Human Factors

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